WPC Solid Doors

To overcome with all the drawback of existing door in the market HARD STONEintroduces the WPC decorative doors that look as beautiful as real wood but assured the performance just like durability of steel.

HARD STONE decorative doors are new innovation in industry with unmatched features that you can expect from the nation’s leading manufacturer and India’s most prefered brand. We are a company that is committed to provide you unique quality products which are completely different and incomparable from all the existing products available in the market.

HARD STONE decorative door are manufactured with WPC and comes with life time guarantee. It is environment friendly as it emits almost zero emission making it one of the safest products to use. It is Weatherproof which makes these doors stronger and more stable than other traditional doors.

HARD STONEdecorative doors keep you away from all the problems which you were facing till now. Just fix it for one time and remain tension free life time.

WPC Solid Doors

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